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New Year, New Career, and Why Turbonomic?

Posted by Jon Myer on Jan 4, 2022 4:10:00 PM
Jon Myer
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I figured, why not start off the New Year with a blog about “Why I joined Turbonomic?”. We could end this blog in two sentences as answering the question “why” is relatively easy; the culture and passion. But I feel I need to dive deeper as this requires a bit of backstory on my previous experience working with Turbonomic that dates back to when I worked for AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Let’s step back in time to when I first joined AWS in 2019. I started as a Partner Solutions Architect within the Cloud Management Tools segment. I covered several AWS partners within that segment, and it just so happens that Turbo was one of them. What that means is that I got to support Turbonomic in anything AWS related to help them be successful and grow their cloud business.

Jon and Eric Wright at AWS re:Invent 2019

That year at AWS re:Invent I got to meet a number of people from the Turbonomic team. That was the time I shaved the AWS logo into the side of my head, but that’s a story for another day. Whenever I had the chance to work with the Turbonomic team it was always stimulating, not only because of their application resource management solution but also because they were full of energy, knowledge, and passion for what they do.

Throughout my two years as a PSA for Turbo, I had the chance to work on a few blogs, travel to Boston to run an AWS GameDay, and host a number of webinar events for them. This included taking part in their aggressive yet innovative approach to support their customer needs.

While I was at AWS supporting Turbo, I discovered a new passion of mine, creating content through videos, tutorials, blogs, technical articles, and hosting events. Instead of being a technical advisor to AWS Partners, I wanted to be a technical evangelist. Unfortunately, during that time, AWS didn’t have any open roles since travel was limited and events weren’t in person. I knew then it was time for my next adventure and to pursue my passion. I decided to leave AWS and accept a position with another company as a Customer Success Engineer. This was right before joining Turbonomic with the continued hopes of becoming a Tech Evangelist.

Once again, I found myself in a tough spot because my plan of moving into a tech evangelist role was put on hiatus due to company acquitions, but everything happens for a reason. Just as I was starting to get disappointed with how my career was working out, I saw a LinkedIn post for a Sr. Product Marketing Manager and Technical Evangelist role at Turbonomic. After carefully reading the job description and requirements, I started to feel excitement build and immediately thought to myself “This is exactly what I want, no more interim roles”. I reached out to a few people on the Turbo side that I worked with, including the CTO who joined me on my personal podcast called the “Daily Tech Show”, and asked for more information. After thinking about it and having multiple discussions around the potential opportunity, I went ahead and applied…

Fast forward a few months of working at Turbonomic, and I couldn’t be happier. Everyone I work with is passionate about the product and sees the value. They aren’t attempting to sell something, they are trying to provide value to customers, to people, and to companies trying to understand and resolve their application resource problems.

The Turbonomic Team at AWS re:Invent 2021

To recap the answer to the question “Why Turbonomic?”, it’s the people that work here, the culture, and the passion to learn and innovate.

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