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Taking A Customer-Centric Approach During COVID

Posted by Martha Kramer on Nov 5, 2020 9:30:00 AM

The ongoing pandemic has changed the dynamics of how people throughout the world lead their lives, interact with others, and prioritize their purchases. Many industries have experienced drastic fluctuations in demand in concert with a forced shift to work-from-home conditions that has made it difficult for them to provide for their employees and service their customers.

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Lift & Shift vs. Optimized Cloud Migration - Which one is better and why?

Posted by Mary Nachimov on Oct 26, 2020 8:27:41 AM


Cloud migration is simply the process of moving applications from the current environment to the Cloud. Traditionally, companies have been migrating on-premises VMs to the Cloud. However, recently, there is a rise in Cloud to Cloud migration among customers that want to avoid vendor lock-in and adopt a multi-cloud strategy. Whether you are just testing the waters or well-versed in Cloud computing, Cloud migration is a core process in the global digital transformation that's been accelerated due to the recent pandemic. According to IDC, “COVID-19 accelerated digitization as organizations were forced to innovate rapidly in response to a combination of regulations (e.g., working from home) and a rapidly changing business environment.” (Source: IDC Worldwide Whole Cloud Forecast, 2020-2024. Oct 2020, Doc #US46020420)

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Election Volatility on Wall Street, not in its data centers

Posted by Iddo Avneri on Oct 19, 2020 5:36:42 PM

A recent report in Bloomberg quoted Goldman Sachs analysts predicting that volatility in US markets will spike after election day. Their conclusions, based on options activity, back up a feeling that many share on Wall St: volatility is high and only going to increase as we move deeper into the fall.

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Optimization Master Class: Proving Elasticity Through Percentiles!

Posted by Ryan McDonald & Hubert Leung on Oct 19, 2020 9:15:00 AM


As software and customer demand endlessly evolve, so too must the Virtual Machines and the mechanics for sizing those Virtual Machines. Whether the VMs are hosted in your On-Premises clusters or scattered across various cloud regions in AWS and Azure, scaling these VMs and ensuring application performance continues to be a difficult challenge (and many folks’ full-time jobs).

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Why the Screen Utility Will Change Your Remote SSH Approach

Posted by Eric Wright on Oct 12, 2020 12:12:18 PM

It may sound bold to think that a simple Linux utility can be life changing. In a world of remote access and remote administration this nifty little program just got a whole lot more valuable. How often have you found that you want to run some long-running task on a remote server and your connection fails because of a timeout or just forgetting you had a remote session open? (hint: it happens to me a lot).

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Bridge the Gap Between Application and IT Teams to Assure Application Performance

Posted by AJ Nish on Oct 9, 2020 9:45:00 AM

There are several Turbonomic enhancements that unify application and IT teams to assure application performance. As Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella put it, “We’ve seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months. From remote teamwork and learning, to sales and customer service, to critical cloud infrastructure and security—we are working alongside customers every day to help them adapt and stay open for business in a world of remote everything.”

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Inside the New Platform: Turbonomic Data Cloud

Posted by Eric Wright on Oct 8, 2020 11:00:00 AM

How many times have you been chasing between tools and products to find out what is going on in your environment? We have seen incredible results with our Turbonomic Application Resource Management (ARM) across thousands of environments, and a few very interesting use-cases kept coming up that customers were experiencing.

Application performance and resource availability is critical both in real-time and over time. You already have the power of application response time in the real-time environment with Turbonomic whether with our own APEX capabilities or with our APM partners including Cisco AppDynamics, Dynatrace, New Relic, AppInsights, direct app targeting for SQL servers and web applications.

What if you could have that same insight of the relationship between resources and the application and infrastructure performance and availability with highly granular data, over a 13-month history?

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APEX Deep-Dive Part 2 – Data Ingestion Framework

Posted by Eric Wright on Oct 7, 2020 2:00:00 PM

As we talked about in the first blog about, we have our new Application Performance Extensibility (APEX) features that have been introduced for your Turbonomic 8 platform:

  • Application Technology Definition (ATD) – brand new ability to define your business applications and services using a wide variety of dynamic criteria
  • Data Ingestion Framework (DIF) – open-source declarative framework for creating customizable entities in Turbonomic ARM

The DIF is a very powerful and flexible framework which enables the ingestion of many diverse data, topology, and information sources to further DIFferentiate (see what I did there) the Turbonomic platform in what it can do for you.

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Welcome to Turbonomic Data Cloud

Posted by Yash Shah on Oct 7, 2020 10:30:00 AM

Delivering New Context and Adding New Dimensions to Turbonomic Application Resource Management

Turbonomic Data Cloud, the Performance Data Warehouse for AIOps, extends Turbonomic Application Resource Management (ARM) with historical reporting and analytics to assure continuous application performance in real time and over time.

This post outlines the problem our team set out to solve, the design principles we followed and why, the key features and value of Data Cloud, and how it truly complements Turbonomic ARM.

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APEX Deep-Dive Part 1 – Application Topology Definition (ATD)

Posted by Eric Wright on Oct 6, 2020 5:03:54 PM

Imagine now that you get a call from the application operations team or the help desk and they tell you “customers are calling because the website is really slow”. Now what? Well, it’s actually not a problem if you have Turbonomic!

With Turbonomic 8, we have an amazing set of new capabilities that solve this problem for you in more than one way. Our new application-centric user experience has proven to be very popular with the ability to automatically propagate application and infrastructure risk visibility for all of your applications by showing you all the dependent infrastructure and service resources.

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