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Microservices in the Real World: How We Used Red Hat’s Operator Framework to Automate Our Application Lifecycle

Posted by Endre Sara on Dec 20, 2019 8:34:04 AM

In this series Microservices in the Real World, I’ve been sharing our journey to cloud native. First there was the challenge of automating memory management in our containerized Java application, then we had to secure our containers (thank you, Red Hat), and then we had to figure out how to run an application, which we started building before Kubernetes was a thing, on Kubernetes. Which puts us at “cloud native-ish.” The next question for us was: How do we fully automate our application lifecycle?

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The Art & Science of Optimization: An In-depth Overview of AWS Compute Optimizer

Posted by Jacob Ben-David on Dec 19, 2019 2:45:00 PM

During and before re:Invent 2019, Amazon unveiled over 77 new product announcements and unique capabilities. AWS Compute Optimizer, one of the more interesting offerings was quietly announced through a blog on December 3rd.

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New survey finds complexity, at 29%, is the leading challenge to assuring application performance.

Posted by Asena Hertz on Dec 19, 2019 8:56:13 AM

This blog is part of a series in which we share some of the results from our 2019 State of Performance in Modern Applications Survey.

Prefer to binge read the results? Download the full report here.

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What is Vendor Lock-In?

Posted by Eric Wright on Dec 18, 2019 11:30:00 AM

There is an ongoing discussion (read:argument) around something that is like the Voldemort of technology: vendor lock-in.

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Survey: Approximately ⅔ of applications are being modernized or slated to be modernized.

Posted by Asena Hertz on Dec 17, 2019 4:23:52 PM

This blog kicks off a series of blogs in which we share some of the results from our State of Performance in Modern Applications Survey.

Want to binge read the results? Download the full report here.

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Machine Learning, Cost vs. Performance and The Edge

Posted by Jacob Ben-David on Dec 12, 2019 9:36:04 AM

Last week approx. 65,000 IT professionals and executives converged on to Las Vegas for the most significant cloud event in the world: AWS re:Invent. It is hard to describe the spectacle, noise, excitement, and energy at the event.

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Why People are Moving Towards Microservices

Posted by Eric Wright on Dec 11, 2019 11:00:00 AM

Let me start by giving my one line view of the reason for the uprising in awareness of microservices, containers, SDN and the ever-present SDDC (Software-Defined Data Center): This is about agility, not speed.

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Designing Infrastructure: What are the Best Practices?

Posted by Eric Wright on Dec 4, 2019 11:48:00 AM

We are continuously being confronted with challenge in designing infrastructure.  Every aspect of our infrastructure has potential pitfalls for performance, resiliency, and the challenges faced with dynamic workloads.

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What is Hybrid Cloud: The 3 W's You Need to Know

Posted by Mor Cohen-Tal on Nov 27, 2019 11:47:00 AM

Few people will argue that public clouds haven’t dramatically changed the industry in the past few years. There has been a tremendous increase in popularity of public cloud services such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft’s Azure, and the demand keeps growing every year. Concerns that prevented companies from choosing public clouds as their go to infrastructure, such as security, reliability, stability, quality assurance and more are becoming more manageable.

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In Sickness or In Health

Posted by Mor Cohen-Tal and Shai Benjamin on Nov 26, 2019 3:26:16 PM

A recent blog post from VMware’s CTO office discusses "DRS Pairwise Balancing", an allegedly improved version of DRS in vSphere 6.5 and later. "This new feature", the blog proclaims, "is needed as clusters keep on growing larger and larger." Turns out that some statistical measures used by old DRS became "statistical outliers" in larger clusters, that according to VMware "simply disappear as noise due to the vast number of hosts that experience far lower utilization” and thus fall "below the threshold required to trigger load balancing.”

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