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Performance That Can Pay for Itself: Driving a 471% ROI with Turbonomic Application Resource Management

Posted by Meghan Shipp on Dec 27, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Applications are the bridge between the business and customers. But as applications get more complex and distributed, it becomes increasingly challenging for IT executives to assure the performance of these business-critical applications at scale. When an organization’s reputation and revenue rely on a seamless customer experience, leaving application resourcing to guesswork or manual decision-making isn’t going to cut it. Even worse, it will result in skyrocketing costs – especially in the public cloud – and still won’t prevent performance degradation when demand spikes.

Modern applications require investment in modern solutions – and it’s important to know if investment is going to pay off. Through a commissioned Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study, Forrester Consulting projected that Turbonomic Application Resource Management delivered a 471% return on investment for a composite organization, while paying for itself in less than six months.

What Goes Into a 471% ROI?

Forrester interviewed five customers across varying industries, geographies, and company sizes on the benefits, costs, and risks associated with their investment in Turbonomic. From this customer data, Forrester created a single composite organization to represent the projected outcomes of the first three years of using Turbonomic.

To calculate Turbonomic’s 471% ROI, Forrester quantified a variety of benefits over three years for the composite organization.

Forrester TEI Snippet

$6.1M in end user business benefits from improved application performance

“Turbonomic easily highlighted performance issues across many of our applications, so we’ve automated scaling to rectify this. The feedback that we’re getting from end users is very positive. Applications are running a lot better and a lot smoother. Just getting this validation from our end users for those applications has definitely shown the power of Turbonomic.” -Sr Expert Software Engineer, Transportation

$5.0M on-premises infrastructure savings, and $3.1M public cloud consumption cost savings

“If we weren’t using Turbonomic, our cloud spend would be a lot higher and would probably be spiraling out of control,” said one interviewee. “Meanwhile, our executives would be second-guessing being in the cloud.”

$1.8M in IT administrator productivity savings

“From admin’s perspective, we don’t have time to always monitor every application’s level of resourcing. There are too many other things going on that we can’t maintain our environment to that level. But Turbo can. On the fly, Turbo has been able to determine these things, correct them, even rebalance workloads.” Sr. Technical Architect, Insurance Industry

These data points and customer quotes are just a glimpse into the value that organizations can drive with Turbonomic. Download the Forrester Total Economic Impact™ study to learn more about the outcomes that our software can deliver for businesses.

Forrester TEI Title Screenshot

The Total Economic Impact is a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Turbonomic, an IBM Company.


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