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Turbonomic Now Supports AWS and Azure Environments, Unleashing Elasticity and Scale of Hybrid Cloud

Posted by Katryn McGaughey on Jun 6, 2017 9:02:47 AM

BOSTON – JUNE 6, 2017 – Turbonomic today announced major advancements to its hybrid cloud management platform, enabling customers to confidently accelerate their journey to hybrid cloud. Turbonomic, recently named an IDC Innovator1 for multicloud management, has extended the platform’s on-premises capabilities with new support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure public cloud environments. Today’s news underpins the Turbonomic vision of enabling organizations to control any workload, on any infrastructure, anywhere, anytime. New public cloud support includes:

  • Visibility of all workloads, whether on-premises or in AWS and Azure environments;
  • Acceleration of public cloud migration;
  • Lowering of public cloud bills on average by 30 percent;
  • Control of workloads to assure performance and deliver service levels; and
  • Enforcement of compliance policies across a hybrid cloud.

Organizations are facing tremendous pressure to modernize and transform their IT in order to become a digital business. Cloud is central to this transformation, with nearly 49 percent of application workloads expected to migrate to public cloud by the end of 20202. Managing the transition is challenging, and mistakes are costly – in many cases unknowingly costing organizations millions of dollars. Because of the complexity of hybrid cloud environments, the ability to monitor, analyze, and proactively prevent issues from occurring is beyond human scale.

Leveraging the elasticity and scale of public clouds to run workloads in the right place at the right time is top of mind for organizations as workloads and infrastructure are increasingly decoupled. This however creates enormous complexity that humans and scripts cannot solve, requiring self-managing software to assure and optimize performance. Gartner estimates that by 2020, 25 percent of large enterprises will implement dynamic optimization technology to manage public cloud costs and risks – up from less than one percent in 20163.

Turbonomic 5.9 unleashes the elasticity of AWS and Azure public cloud environments by curating workload demand to achieve the desired state: a state that assures performance, lowers costs and ensures continuous compliance, in real-time. Customers benefit from new features that enable:

  • Viewing all workloads, on-premises and/or in AWS and Azure environments, with a single software platform, through a single pane of glass;
  • Migrating to AWS and Azure public clouds, on-time and under-budget with new migration planning, workload placement, and workload scaling;
  • Lowering hybrid cloud costs in AWS and Azure public clouds with new budget control, cost forecasting and cost management features;
  • Controlling public cloud workloads to assure performance, automatically scale workloads, and curate demand to ensure applications get the resources they need in real-time; and
  • Enforcing compliance policies across a hybrid cloud environment with new workload anti-affinity, data sovereignty and placement policy enforcement.

Customer Quote

Brad Smuland, CIO at Merrill Corporation

“Merrill is relentlessly focused on performance to best serve our customers. Turbonomic on-premises enabled us to deliver that performance with an instant ROI by helping us assure performance at far greater efficiency. What's most exciting is how Turbonomic is accelerating our journey to the cloud by helping us understand what workloads should migrate, at what size and configuration to assure performance without breaking our cloud budget.”

Partner Quote

René van den Bedem, Cloud Automation & DevOps Practice Manager at RoundTower

“Customers are under pressure to adopt a cloud strategy, but the path to cloud is neither easy nor clear. By extending what Turbonomic has done on-premises into AWS and Azure environments, customers will see an immediate return on their investment. Customers that get this right and leverage the elasticity of public cloud as part of their hybrid cloud strategy, will gain a huge competitive advantage.”

Turbonomic Executive Quote

Shmuel Kliger, Founder and President at Turbonomic

“Transitioning to hybrid cloud presents a new challenge: deciding which workload should run where and when, and confidently managing the transition. It’s a cloud-scale challenge that can only be solved with self-managing software. With today’s announcement, Turbonomic is uniquely positioned to help customers monitor and automate their workloads anywhere – on-premises and/or in public cloud – in real-time, to unleash the full potential of the public cloud’s elasticity and scale. We are the essential solution for every customers’ journey to hybrid cloud.”

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About Turbonomic

Launched in 2010, Turbonomic delivers a hybrid cloud management platform that enables on-premises and public cloud to self-manage in real-time, thereby assuring performance, lowering cost, and continuously ensuring compliance. The Turbonomic patented decision engine curates workload demand to dynamically control resource supply, maintaining a perpetual desired state of application health. One of the fastest growing technology companies, Turbonomic is trusted by thousands of enterprises to simplify and accelerate their hybrid cloud journey.


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