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Responsible Agility with Application Resource Management and Workflow

Posted by Bali Kuchipudi on Sep 24, 2019 8:40:00 AM

We are excited to announce that our ServiceNow integration is certified by ServiceNow and is now available on the ServiceNow Application Store.  Turbonomic and ServiceNow integration introduces higher levels of automation from Application Resource Management (ARM) to IT Service Management (ITSM). 

Turbonomic assures application performance by taking a top-down approach with AI-powered analytics ensuring applications have the resources they need to perform across the entire infrastructure stack. Many Turbonomic customers have ServiceNow and it is a solution of choice for ITSM workflows enabling customers to create, approve and track IT service and change requests.

With the integration, records of Turbonomic decisions are automatically created in ServiceNow. Subsequently as part of the change management workflow, stakeholders as application owners, DevOps or IT operations can review the decision and approve it.  Once approved, Turbonomic takes action and a record of the action is created in ServiceNow. By automatically creating records within ServiceNow of both Turbonomic decisions generated and actions executed, customers have a single source of truth of continuous optimization of application performance. Plus, Turbonomic becomes part of the customer workflows, enabling them to automate the workflow for assuring application performance.

In today’s always connected world, applications power enterprises and enterprises need to assure applications always perform at DevOps speed. Turbonomic and ServiceNow enable enterprises to work at DevOps speed. Customers can now review the trusted Turbonomic decisions in ServiceNow and approve the actions that will help prevent application performance issues before they occur.

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What does the Turbonomic and ServiceNow integration mean to your organization. The Phoenix Project defines four work types for application, DevOps and IT teams.  The four work types in the book are Business ProjectsInternal ProjectsChanges, and Unplanned Work. Business and internal projects help organizations become more innovative and competitive. While changes and unplanned work keep organizations from innovating and creating that competitive advantage. The automation introduced by the Turbonomic and ServiceNow integration means that organizations are shifting their efforts to focus on business and internal projects that drive the business forward and deliver the best customer experiences. By automating and preventing application performance issues, organizations will spend less time on changes and unplanned work and more time on business and internal projects.    

Do you want to learn more about the Turbonomic and ServiceNow integration? Reference the following resources:

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