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Employee Spotlight: Marc Beckert (Part Two) - Resident Engineer

Posted by Justin Graci on Nov 21, 2018 12:56:17 PM

We had so much great content after sitting down with Marc that we had to split this into a two part blog series. In this blog he discusses the role requirements, why he joined and the top five things someone in this role must focus on to be successful.

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Topics: Careers, Life At Turbonomic, Resident Engineer, Customer Success

Employee Spotlight: Marc Beckert - Resident Engineer

Posted by Justin Graci on Nov 7, 2018 11:44:50 AM

In this employee spotlight, we feature Marc Beckert who joined as a CSM but quickly transitioned over to a resident engineer position to support one of our largest clients - one of the 'big four' accounting firms. In part one of our two part spotlight, Marc dives into what his role is, what his team does and a bit about his core customer.

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Topics: Careers, Life At Turbonomic, Resident Engineer, Customer Success

Turbonomic Halloween 2018

Posted by Justin Graci on Nov 1, 2018 2:56:37 PM

Another Turbonomic Halloween is wrapped up and finished. It was great to see all the creative costumes, office treats and of course the fun that was had by all. Check out a slideshow of our employee costumes. Next up... Company Pot Luck Lunch in November!

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Topics: Culture, Life At Turbonomic, Halloween

Inside Scoop: What it Takes to Interview for Sales

Posted by Justin Graci on Jul 24, 2018 11:54:50 AM

We're excited to follow up with part 2 of our Q&A series with go-to-market recruiter, Zach Choquette to dig deeper on the interview process at Turbonomic. I'll just get right into what Zach had to say:

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Topics: Careers, Life At Turbonomic, Sales, TurboNation

A Culture of Performance with Chief People Person, Kara Gilbert

Posted by Justin Graci on Jul 17, 2018 5:15:26 PM

Turbonomic is known as a company with a huge focus on innovation. If you missed our blog post about our culture of innovation, where we sat down with the CTO of Cloud, Mor Cohen-Tal, read it here. Even more so though, our culture is known as a high-performance, mission driven one and we strongly believe that in order to be successful here, you need to have what it takes to reach your highest potential and execute flawlessly. This is exactly what fuels our growth and continues to keep as the leaders in workload automation. To dig deeper into the value of performance at Turbonomic, I took some time to chat with Chief People Person, Kara Gilbert.

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Topics: Careers, Life At Turbonomic, Performance, TurboNation

Day in The Life at Turbonomic: Engineering

Posted by Justin Graci on Jul 9, 2018 2:56:14 PM

I recently caught up with CTO of Cloud at Turbonomic, Mor Cohen, and got her to discuss the three roles she has held here: Life as a Developer, Life as a Product Manager, and Life as CTO of Cloud. At Turbonomic you get the resources and support you need to accomplish your goals, but your career is very much in your hands in terms of how far you want it to go. For Mor, she was able to move from being a developer to a product manager and eventually became CTO of Cloud. Check out her write up below if you're curious what a day in the life is like for various roles here.

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Topics: Careers, Life At Turbonomic, TurboNation

TurboCares - Employees Giving Back

Posted by Justin Graci on Apr 24, 2018 10:32:19 AM

Fighting childhood poverty, providing pet-assisted therapy in nursing homes, and memorializing a lost friend by creating a charitable foundation that improves the lives of children through healthcare and education are just a few of the causes some of our employees volunteer their time for and it’s not to be overlooked. These members of TurboNation are making an impact in their communities, on their own time, for causes they care deeply about and it’s incredibly humbling to read the stories of those who are finding ways to give back.

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Topics: Life At Turbonomic, TurboCares, TurboNation, Volunteerism

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