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Takeaways from Turbonomic Live

Posted by Jill St. George on Jun 5, 2020 11:00:00 AM

Turbonomic recently hosted its first virtual conference, Turbonomic Live. Joined by leaders from AWS, IBM, Microsoft, SevOne, ParkMyCloud, Allergan and Carhartt, the conference was centered around how companies can maintain business resiliency through an ever-changing IT landscape. 3,000+ registrants tuned in to hear about a variety of topics – including CIO and customer perspectives, application resource management, demystifying cloud-native, unlocking elasticity with cloud economics and network resiliency. 

If you missed the event, you can view the sessions on-demand here. In the meantime, here are some quick recaps of the top takeaways from Turbonomic Live. 

1) Handling the “New Normal”

“We’ve seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months”, says Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella. COVID-19 has put the concept of “cloud economics” to the test – the ability to scale up or down to respond to real-time changes has never been more important. Companies are experiencing massive fluctuations in demand now, such as streaming telehealth services for hospitals, or dealing with cost cutting measures for airlines or hotels. These conditions make it even harder to ensure a seamless customer experience.

“Think about end user application performance. That’s critical. While we have App Insights and Azure Advisor, these offerings are great at identifying the problem. With Turbonomic, the value you bring is that you shine the light before there even is a problem, mapping the dependencies along with the visualization of the entire stack, and most importantly, the ability to automate those actions in real-time. To me, that's delivering a “better together” story focusing on the customers objectives to deliver improved SLA through a well-architected Azure experience.”

-Lani Phillips, VP of Microsoft

From Lani’s assessment of this situation, it’s clear that these rapid changes have necessitated the use of technology that can help us manage growing complexity. Utilizing application resource management (ARM) to optimize on-premises, cloud and container environments gives customers the ability to thrive in uncertainty and propel their business into the future. 

COVID-19 has not only had a technological impact, but it has also forced companies to rethink how they manage their workforce. There are many questions that business leaders must be prepared to answer as we move forward. Shouldn’t we strive to decrease time wasted in lengthy commutes if employees can be equally productive working from home? Will the possibility of partially or fully remote workforces expand our ability to hire talent from across the globe? We’re already seeing companies like Cisco and  Hiscox that have radically improved how they do work. These companies and others are demonstrating to the world that this  “new normal” can actually be a “better normal” - one that is more inclusive, technology-savvy and adaptable. 

2) The Importance of Automation in Managing IT Environments 

The increasing complexity and unpredictability of IT environments is outpacing the ability of Operations teams to handle things manually, and new management technologies are filling this void. These networking, hardware and application management tools are light years ahead of the simplistic yet manageable tech we saw less than a decade ago. This is a good thing because the job of managing modern IT environments is beyond human capabilities in terms of the speed, scale and complexity that needs to be handled in order to assure application performance. COVID-19 has only exacerbated the issues of complexity and unpredictability. It  has forced us to work smarter, not harder - to do more, with less. Automation of manual tasks has never been more important. That’s why Turbonomic has devoted its resources to building software that can assure application performance while lowering costs, allowing customers to focus on innovation.

Automation replaces ineffective manual labor as it is faster, cheaper and maximizes performance to achieve cost optimization. At Turbo Live, a few of our valued customers took the time to chat about their experiences with Turbonomic ARM - from these conversations, it is clear that the evidence is in the numbers. 

“..It gives us the peace of mind to be able to just work on projects and fixing things… Turbonomic, alone, saved us about 50% on our monthly spend.”

- Gary Prindle II, Sr Systems Engineer, of Carhartt 

Our customers, including our speakers from Carhartt and Allergan, have seen an average of 30% more infrastructure capacity in their cloud environments by utilizing ARM. This availability and space permits flexibility and adaptability like we’ve never seen before. Automation is the key instrument when navigating complex technological development. It allows us to progress quickly and effortlessly without over-provisioning, exceeding budgets, complicating the application stack and wasting man-power in futile efforts to manage tech developed to be managed by specialists, or in this case, highly specialized automation software.

“Turbonomic’s ability for customers to understand their costs and the performance for those costs of their application is exactly what customers are looking for”.

 -Bill Platt, GM of AWS

3) Network Connectivity is Key to Business Resiliency

Resilience is defined as the ability to recover readily from adversity. For virtually every organization, including enterprises, government agencies and non-profits, the COVID-19 pandemic created more adversity than ever before. All of these organizations had to switch up their operations, essentially turning them on a dime to enable all employees to work from home. Resilient organizations have supported and maintained their employees’ productivity throughout this crisis. They’ve accomplished that primarily by providing consistent, reliable and high-quality network connectivity  – even as their networks were tested and stressed like never before. This sustained productivity made it clear that network connectivity is the foundation upon which business runs today; without it, commerce grinds to a halt.

This session at Turbonomic Live highlighted just how critical network connectivity and visibility is to nearly every business activity today – and how important effective network monitoring is to maintaining connectivity. SevOne’s Bill Craver and Steve Plotkin discussed how SevOne Data Platform helps customers to be resilient and adaptable in the face of adversity with network monitoring that is unmatched in the industry in terms of speed, scalability and flexibility. In addition to the discussion of those capabilities, SevOne Tim Greenside showed how easy SevOne Data Platform makes it for customers to uncover, use and share valuable insights and workflows gleaned from their network monitoring data and the presenters tied it all back to maintaining connectivity to drive business resiliency.

4) Investing in Innovation Boosts Digital Resiliency

Given the economic uncertainty that COVID-19 has caused, there’s no denying that controlling costs is a top priority for many organizations. While certain areas of our budgets have been pared back, some IT leaders are choosing to double down on innovation as a means of helping them weather this storm. The catch is making sure that those costs are optimized, and that these investments will help drive the business forward.  

We’re seeing that highly digitized companies are more resilient and able to respond to market shifts like this. We don’t call it “digital transformation” for nothing, though – this is not an easy task. It requires investments in newer technologies like cloud, containers, and automation, and investments in people and culture to ensure successful transformation. At Turbonomic, we believe that IT should be managed by software so that humans can spend more time innovating and building. Companies that choose to sustain or even increase their investments in   transformation technologies now will emerge stronger, more agile and better able to adapt to evolving market conditions and meet changing customer needs. 

“When we faced the COVID outbreak initially, we had to respond to the need for everybody to work from home. Well, in our case, it was a non-event from a pure experience of working from home, meaning our remote infrastructure capabilities were spot on… because we were doing the optimization with Turbonomic”.

-Frank Caratozzolo, AVP IT Engineering & Architecture, Allergan

Thank you to our exceptional customers and partners who helped make Turbonomic Live a success.  If you were unable to attend the event live, we encourage you to view your preferred sessions here.

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