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The Container Conundrum

Posted by Charles Crouchman on Apr 18, 2019 3:55:07 PM

Driven by an acute need for IT modernization, organizations often require multiple cloud deployments to satisfy the demands of multiple applications and departments. In fact, we recently found that more than 8 in 10 IT professionals expect workloads to move freely across clouds. Moreover, as we recently revealed through Turbonomic’s 2019 State of Multicloud report, which surveyed over 800 IT professionals, 32 percent of respondents reported using two cloud platforms, while 29 percent use three or more.

Clouds today are not just infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), but providers of application and business services. Our research further found that differentiated cloud services is driving container and multicloud adoption. When clouds compete, customers win.

There are many advantages to a multicloud and cloud-native world, but multicloud and container management quickly gets complex. This presents new challenges for IT operations. When asked about the greatest barriers to application workloads moving freely, IT professionals cited the ability for applications and data to be fully portable (23 percent), and the ability to manage compliance across multiple platforms (14 percent). While the adoption of containers enables organizations to bring applications and services to market faster, it’s still up to those organizations to optimize them.

One of the first challenges to container adoption is around deployment. Converting legacy applications into a containerized environment can be a huge lift for organizations. This is where Turbonomic comes into the picture by automatically managing deployed containerized cloud-native applications. 

But even before then, the applications, regardless of whether they’re traditional or cloud-native, need some basic ingredients in order to perform. They need CPU, memory, I/O and network. Those basic ingredients need to come from somewhere — and that problem doesn’t go away with containers. In fact, the problem gets more complex at scale with more dynamics just by the nature of what containers are.

This is the significant concern expressed in our conversations with IT operations teams. “Okay, we moved to containers — how am I going to control it? How am I going to govern it? How am I going to make sure those containers get the resources that they need, when they need it?” Just the sheer number of decisions that IT operations have to make is exponentially higher. The rate of change in the environment, for example how frequent containers start and stop, increases exponentially. So, the cadence of “How frequently do I need to make those decisions?” increases.

This is where Turbonomic software shines. By taking away the decision-making complexity associated with containers, IT professionals can focus on innovating and developing and enhancing new features sets.

To dig deeper into our State of Multicloud research, please download the report.


Read Our 2019 State Of Multicloud Report

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