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The Impact of COVID-19 on the Infrastructure Hardware Supply Chain

Posted by Meghan Shipp on Apr 24, 2020 8:30:00 AM

As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, our number one goal is to help our customers by supporting their business continuity efforts – for example, we are already seeing how COVID-19 has transformed cloud optimization. As many of our customers have realized, global supply chains are one of the many areas impacted by the pandemic. IT organizations are faced with the question: How will these supply chain disruptions impact my business, and how can I best prepare?

The Supply Chain Reality

COVID-19’s impact is being seen across multiple countries and industries. In a highly globalized world with integrated supply chains, production availability has decreased as factories operate with less staff, and travel restrictions have slowed transportation of goods. Depending on the industry, we’re seeing simultaneous shocks to both supply and demand – for example, while restaurants struggle to stay afloat due, grocery stores are having trouble replenishing cleaning products to meet customer demand. Think about the supply side for a streaming company like Netflix – not only must they prepare for increased spikes in demand, but they also must ensure that their infrastructure has the right supply to deliver a seamless customer experience.

What This Means for IT Organizations

Given the disruptions described above, IT organizations may experience delays in hardware shipments for the foreseeable future. As labor and inventory shortages continue, organizations will be forced to plan for capacity amidst uncertainty. Even when production and travel resume, we will still see delays.

IT teams should understand what kind of capacity they have at the moment, as well as the best way to optimize those current resources. Organizations will be tasked with “doing more with less”, especially those who are seeing spikes in demand and have no way to acquire more hardware. Optimizing your current IT estate (both hardware equipment and cloud capacity) will simplify the task of major IT vendors and public cloud providers to prioritize capacity for the essential organizations that need it the most, such as healthcare and government initiatives related to battling COVID-19. Just as we shouldn’t be panic-buying toilet paper and other supplies, organizations shouldn’t hoard IT resources.

Turbonomic is Here to Help

In order to best optimize your environment, software is required to automate away the manual tasks related to managing your infrastructure. Turbonomic’s AI-engine is valuable to customers who need to assure the performance of their environment – while still lowing costs and staying in compliance with their business policies. Take a look at the quote below from a Cisco Workload Optimization Manager (OEM of Turbonomic) customer. As COVID-19 has progressed, this major US Mortgage Firm has seen increased demand for home buyers initiating new loans or those exploring refinancing options:

“…Cisco WOM (Turbonomic) provides the exact actions we need to take at the infrastructure layer to alleviate the performance risks.”
- VP of Cloud Operations at a major US Mortgage Firm

The long-term consequences of this pandemic will be difficult to predict – but there are certain actions that CIOs and IT leaders can take now to lessen the effects. My teammates at Turbonomic have curated a comprehensive checklist to prepare for infrastructure supply disruption with actionable steps you can take –  download our 29 step checklist to prepare for and overcome infrastructure supply delays today.


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