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Turbonomic 6.4 Delivers Continuous Performance for Kubernetes at Multicloud Scale

Posted by Asena Hertz on Sep 18, 2019 9:38:39 AM
Asena Hertz
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Don’t Let the Complexity of Microservices and Cloud Native Stall the Next-Gen Platforms that Run Your Modern Applications

When it comes to containers, modernization is about architecting applications for speed, scale, and elasticity. Microservice architectures and the CI/CD pipelines that support them are enabling developer speed, but increase the complexity of ensuring application services continuously run. 

Today, Turbonomic announces new capabilities to its Kubernetes support that allows customers to accelerate their investments in cloud native technologies, architectures, and processes. With software automatically driving continuous application performance, Developers can focus on building the right features and services for the business, while Operations delivers on the promise of cloud economics that modern application architectures enable. 

What’s New in 6.4?

Watch the Webinar: Continuous Service Optimization & Planning for Kubernetes

Since 2009 Turbonomic software has been continuously making application resource decisions, giving customers time back from monitoring, alert storms, and war rooms, while minimizing infrastructure costs. Today this same platform makes resource decisions for cloud native and containerized applications and with 6.4 these decisions now include:

How do you size containers?

Turbonomic offers continuous service optimization, ensuring that your applications always get the resources they need to perform, no matter how often your Developers need to deploy. With 6.4 the software automatically and consistently resizes containers within the same service/ replicaset based on their real-time resource needs. These actions can be executed in real-time, or as part of your existing deployment process, ex. CI/CD.

Continuous Performance in Action: CI/CD/CP Anyone?

Below a leading identity security company began with executing Turbonomic’s automatic resizing and placement actions. With 6.4 they are integrating the platform into their deployment workflows, persisting the automatically generated resize actions that Turbonomic determines in production back into their CI pipeline.


How much capacity do you need to onboard new services?

Turbonomic planning capabilities now extend to containerized services. It now allows customers to take snapshots of their environment and run simulations like, “If I add X more services (Kubernetes pods), how much capacity is required to support them?” Running these planning scenarios with a few clicks, replaces the extensive grunt work that is otherwise done in spreadsheets with less accuracy. Organizations can’t afford these kind of operational inefficiencies when they need to quickly roll out the platforms that will carry their business into the modern application era.

Modern Applications Need Software to Drive Continuous Performance

Our customers are tackling the big challenges of application modernization. Today applications must solve higher level business problems. Though architected for speed, scale, and elasticity, they also create extraordinary complexity that requires software to automatically manage application resources. With the 6.4 release, Turbonomic continues our goal of being the go-to partner to help customers on their journey, wherever they are today and wherever they need to be in the future. 

Learn more about how Turbonomic can manage Kubernetes at multicloud scale

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