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Bring Unmatched Performance to VMware Horizon VDI

Posted by Eric Wright on Aug 21, 2019 7:45:00 AM
Eric Wright
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Turbonomic 6.4 introduces a variety of new features and integrations. Updates to the VMware Horizon VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) integration are among the new capabilities which have our customers extremely excited to be able to use the Turbonomic Application Resource Management platform to get the most performance and value out of their VMware Horizon deployments.


User Experience as the Application

VDI is one of the most latency-sensitive and challenging environments to operate successfully.  In a world where delayed application response is affecting the success of your call center reps, your remote workforce, knowledge workers, and development teams. Virtual desktop performance and getting access to resources is critical to their success.

Today, VDI customers without Turbonomic are seeing cases of up to 50% of the day in CPU wait time which translates to a call center queuing and impacting response time, or developers unable to compile code and move applications to production as quickly as they need to.  All of which results in lost productivity, lost revenue, and potentially lost reputation.

Turbonomic extended its top-down, application-focused performance platform to now include the virtual desktop owner (business user) and the available desktop entitlements (desktop pool).  Using both the real-time and historical consumption demand of the user, Turbonomic provides decisions to place and scale the user to optimize based on available VDI resource pools. 


This is in addition to the full-stack ability to automate decisions for scaling the underlying infrastructure itself to assure performance while utilizing the infrastructure as efficiently as possible.  Current customers include those running on-premises with VMware vSphere and also atop VMware Cloud on AWS.

The outcomes that VMware Horizon customers using Turbonomic can expect include

  • Improved VDI response time by as much as 40 percent
  • Reduced VDI administration complexity
  • Increase VDI density up-to 30 percent without impacting performance
  • Significantly accelerate VDI growth planning and scaling – from hours to only minutes.

The results are better performance through intelligent application resource management for both the real-time environment and the forward planning for growth and scaling, whether on-premises, or on VMware cloud environments. 

Delivering VDI with Cloud Economics

This update continues the focus of Turbonomic to deliver cloud economics and cloud operations across the entire stack, on any infrastructure.   VMware Horizon VDI administrators can now better make use of elastic pools of resources and leverage Turbonomic to assure the quality of the user experience and desktop entitlements for an optimized experience.  This also means being able to better collocate VDI alongside other virtualized workloads and assure performance across the entire environment using the same AI-powered platform that is deployed in customer environments across every industry, around the world, at any scale.

Cloud economics is the true realization of the hopeful private cloud vision which means allocation of resources to software-defined infrastructure and allowing customers to scale on-demand.  We are proud to see that our Horizon VDI integration is a powerful part of that capability with the launch of Turbonomic 6.4 today. 

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