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Bring Unmatched Performance to VMware vSAN and HCI

Posted by Eric Wright on Aug 21, 2019 7:45:00 AM
Eric Wright
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We are extremely excited to announce the addition of new features in Turbonomic 6.4 for customers who are running VMware vSAN and VMware hyperconverged environments. With this new integration we are about to profile application resource demand to optimize vSAN performance and ensure that you are getting the most performance and value out of your VMware hyperconverged investment.


Fully vSAN Feature-Aware Performance Improvements

You have made the choice to adopt HCI as part of your portfolio, and more companies are also adopting HCI including many with mission-critical applications on VMware vSAN.  The first challenge of HCI comes with a lack of understanding of real-time performance because of the abstraction of underlying infrastructure.

Turbonomic 6.4 is fully vSAN feature-aware which means that our Application Resource Management understands performance, capacity, redundancy, compression, and de-duplication when making decisions for which applications, VMs, or containers to place on vSAN, and how to scale them to continually assure performance and using the infrastructure as efficiently as possible.  Scaling decisions for the vSAN environment are also delivered in cases where performance cannot be assured and more vSAN nodes are required to increase storage speed and lower latency. 


These features also extend to planning and modeling for future growth.  Turbonomic will provide decisions on when to scale from applications down to the bare metal on any infrastructure, including how to scale your VMware vSAN.  Plans can also be run to model re-platforming of existing workloads on vSAN HCI which ensure you’re making the best deployment decision as you look to bring vSAN into your environment while assuring performance for your applications. 


One of the largest VMware VSAN customers received 40 percent performance improvement and 30 percent density increase by deploying the new Turbonomic capabilities, achieving unprecedented levels of visibility and control over the company’s hyperconverged storage environment.  The results of using Turbonomic Application Resource Management on VMware HCI, including VxRail and VxRack, are bringing the true cloud economics and elastic infrastructure while assuring application performance, as efficiently as possible,

Thank you to our early access customers and engineering team who have brought this exciting enhancement into Turbonomic 6.4 today.  To stay in touch for more news, updates and executive perspectives, visit our blog and connect with Turbonomic on social media via LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook.


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