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Turbonomic 8 Now In Preview!

Posted by Eric Wright on Sep 2, 2020 1:57:39 PM
Eric Wright
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Today is a fantastic day as we share the news of our next-generation Turbonomic platform. Turbonomic 8—now in Preview—is built to scale to even the largest and most complex multi-cloud and hybrid environments as proven by our current early access customers who are each running with hundreds of thousands of objects managed by a single Turbonomic platform instance!

Built for Scale, without Complexity

Turbonomic 8 is powered by our next-generation architecture allowing the core platform to scale to meet the needs of any application and infrastructure environment in a single-instance deployment. This eliminates complexity and ensures scalability to meet customer needs regardless of the size, scale, and diversity of your environment.


Your team needs to spend time and effort on your business, and your customers, not in managing complex software deployments. We are proud of our ability to deliver Turbonomic using a resilient architecture to ensure performance and availability of your Turbonomic platform which is proving to be a core part of your application and infrastructure workflows. All while and providing scale-on-demand capabilities for the Turbonomic Application Resource Management platform.

We scale as you scale, without complexity.

Freedom and Flexibility of Deployment

The power of freedom in your platform deployment choice is something that has been very important as we continue to expand Turbonomic both in scalability, and flexibility. Customers and newcomers to Turbonomic have a wide variety of deployment options to support your environment needs including:

  • On-premises – deploy as a virtual appliance and manage your entire hybrid and multi-cloud environment from a single control plane
  • SaaS – now you can easily deploy Turbonomic with our SaaS offering which is available for cloud customers
  • Cisco Workload Optimization Manager – deploy our Cisco OEM partner platform, powered by Turbonomic
  • IBM ARM – our newest OEM offering with the team at IBM as we recently announced
  • Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer – enjoy the power of Application Resource Management right in your Cisco Intersight platform
  • Turbonomic on Kubernetes – deploy natively on any Kubernetes infrastructure on-premises or in the cloud, including OpenShift, Azure AKS, Amazon Web Services EKS, Google GKE, Pivotal PKS, or any upstream Kubernetes

Proven Performance for Multi-Cloud and Cloud-Native

Turbonomic 8 is built on our next-generation platform with a performance-first architectural design that extends the flexibility and scalability of the underlying deployment framework. Today we are running in battle-tested environments—including global Fortune 500 environments—with hundreds of thousands of applications, containers, and virtual machines being optimized and managed by a single Turbonomic instance.

As containers and orchestration platforms like Kubernetes continue to rise in adoption, the need to support extremely large environments with a single platform has proven to be a game-changer for Turbonomic customers. There is no need to spend unneeded hours architecting your deployment thanks to the extensible, scalable, and resilient architecture.

Customers in our Private Preview have said that this is setting the bar for ease-of-deployment for any system. This same platform has been powering our Turbonomic SaaS offering for the past year which allows our SaaS customers to rest assured that their Turbonomic operates with the comfort of zero-touch and will scale as they need without question.

Intuitive UI and UX

Enjoy a wide variety of new features across the entire UI and user experience which will further simplify assuring performance for your application, cloud, container, and virtualization stacks. Major updates include:

  • Enhanced policy workflows
  • New application views with much more coming soon!
  • Detailed performance views across both applications and actions
  • Updated “what-if?” wizards, and much more


Brand New Reporting Framework

We all know what it is like to have too much data, but not enough information. Our new Turbonomic reporting framework is helping customers put an end to that problem. You will now have access to a brand new, dynamic reporting platform delivered out-of-the-box with Turbonomic powered by the widely used Grafana.


There is much more coming in the world of data analytics from Turbonomic as well! Stay tuned to the blog and our YouTube channel to find out as we share more about an exciting new Turbonomic platform offering.

Now in Preview

Please engage your Account Executive or Customer Experience Representative if you would like access to the Preview of Turbonomic 8. 

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