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Turbonomic Announces Partnership and Support for Azure VMware Service

Posted by Eric Wright on Oct 15, 2021 3:01:22 PM
Eric Wright
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We are proud to share in an announcement here on our extended partnership with the Microsoft Azure team with the addition of support for Azure VMware Service (AVS). Turbonomic and Microsoft have been working together, along with our customers, to address the challenges that are being felt as the shifting workload deployment patterns change as customers make the jump to leveraging cloud-based alternatives to the traditional on-premises private cloud platforms.

Thanks to this partnership, you can now deploy and optimize Azure VMware Service and get the benefits of the leading Turbonomic Application Resource Management platform to assure application performance using the scalable cloud-based infrastructure option. This blog post will share the value of this official partner offering to assure application performance on AVS and to free up your team to for other tasks while still ensuring your workloads are running at peak performance!

About the Azure VMware Service

Many organizations are deeply invested in workloads and infrastructure that is currently on the VMware vSphere platform. The process to make changes such as scaling a data center, removing a data center, or porting applications to native cloud technologies is not trivial.

This opened the door for a new model which allows the benefits of supporting the legacy virtualization underlay, but with the advantage of a truly scalable cloud-based deployment.

Teams are leaning into the Azure VMware Service strongly because it gives a flexible model for deployment and also unlocks low-latency access to adjacent services and resources that you are running or building on the Azure public cloud.

Azure VMware Service Extends VMware Lifecycle Options

Imagine being able to open your same day-to-day tools and to completely abstract the fact that your VMware infrastructure is now powered by the Microsoft Azure public cloud. Amazing!

vcenter azure vmware service

To the IT operations team, these are simply hosts in a cluster with no distinction from what you previously deployed in your data center. The advantage you have with using Azure VMware Service is that adding and removing underlying hosts is a click away.

vcenter azure vmware services hosts

Your Azure portal gives a familiar view to for the Azure administrator. Plus, you gain low-latency access to adjacent services within the Azure environment and the low cost of administration using a common tooling for securing and operating your VMware infrastructure on Azure.

azure vmware service

Despite the gains of the new operational pattern, our customers still struggled with application performance and understanding how to get the most value from their scalable VMware infrastructure.

This was something that cannot be solved simply by changing the deployment pattern. The classic problems still exist:

  • How do you size your applications to assure continuous performance?
  • How can you balance the advantage of scalable infrastructure without incurring penalties of over-provisioning and wasted resources?

Turbonomic Enables a Truly Optimized Azure VMware Service Experience

With our ongoing partnership with Microsoft, Turbonomic can now provide the best of breed Application Performance Resource Management for the deployment and management of your workloads on Azure VMware Service. With this integration you will be able to optimize resources across your cloud-based infrastructure as well as the rest of your hybrid infrastructure.

This gives you the benefit of the optimal price to performance ratio, so applications get the resources they need, when they need them, and gains the most economical use of the scalable and flexible Azure VMware Service. All while maintaining compliance with easy-to-create policies for business and IT policies within the automation platform.

Thank you to the engineering teams at Turbonomic and Microsoft who have collaborated to deliver this fantastic new partnered offering. Most of all, thank you to all our customers who continue to grow with us and gaining the benefits of Application Performance Resource Management powered by Turbonomic on any infrastructure, including the Azure VMware Service and Microsoft Azure public cloud platform.

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