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Turbonomic Integrates With the New Microsoft Azure Migrate

Posted by Murphy Vandervelde on Jul 16, 2019 12:27:06 PM

Navigating Compounding Cloud Complexity

With the proliferation of cloud computing and rapid growth of cloud catalogs, enterprises today are evolving how they plan and execute their migration to the cloud. In addition to the complexity of cloud migration, organizations have such a wide choice in partners it can seem overwhelming.  We believe a customer should be able to focus on which workloads should move to the cloud and how they should be sized to drive world class performance and end user experience – and just that.

Simplifying the Cloud Journey

As the industry leader in Application Resource Management (ARM) Turbonomic is proud to announce its integration with the new Azure Migrate Experience. Turbonomic’s integration provides customers with:

  • Application-aware visibility and assessment of the entire hybrid stack in hours via our API-driven platform
  • Consumption-based, application demand driven cloud migration plans
  • Continuous application resourcing decisions that are driven through an automated AI engine, enabling operational excellence in Azure post migration

It also offers customers a one-stop destination for a streamlined and application-focused cloud adoption strategy to leverage at any point along a cloud journey.

Move Applications Quickly, Safely & Cost Effectively

Turbonomic worked closely with Microsoft on this integration to help customers successfully move their business-critical applications safely, quickly and cost-effectively into Azure. Today’s integration is the result of proven customer success and value experienced delivered through the combined solutions and approach.

Customers can leverage Turbonomic analytics from inside the Azure Migrate experience through a special trial license that is only available through the portal itself. Turbonomic deploys into any virtual environment in a matter of minutes and offers an application-focused assessment of the environment. Then, through the platform’s planning capabilities, Turbonomic creates an application-demand-driven migration plan and seamlessly executes the migration through Azure Site Recovery (or the other selected third-party ISVs) with the click of a button. Post migration, customers can assure application performance in Azure while enforcing business policies at the best possible cost.

The integration prevents the unforeseen issues sometimes experienced during the assessment and migration phases of a cloud journey. Together, Turbonomic and Azure are removing friction from the migration process so customers can quickly unlock value in Azure and deliver a world-class customer experience to their end users.

Learn more about:

How to leverage Turbonomic via the new Azure Migration Portal, here.

How to get a 30-Day Trial, here.

How, together, Turbonomic and Microsoft are helping customers intelligently migrate to Azure, here.

For any questions or inquiries contact Murphy.Vandervelde@turbonomic.com for more details.

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