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Turbonomic Master Class – The Art of Super Clusters

Posted by Eric Wright on Jul 27, 2020 10:01:10 AM
Eric Wright
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It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's Super Clusters!

One of the most valuable capabilities that organizations enjoy with Turbonomic is the ability to create what we call “super clusters”. A super cluster is a virtual resource pool comprised of physical clusters in your environment.

Let’s use a simple scenario:

We have two clusters, made of a 6-node and a 9-node server count. If each cluster is at 66% utilization, you actually have a combined free space amount that equals 5 complete nodes!


A more common reason why this is a problem is that you probably don’t have a balanced free space amount in all of your clusters. You may have one cluster that’s at 80% usage and peaking with bursts of utilization, and then another cluster with a larger amount of free space and different workload profiles that aren’t using the whole cluster of pooled resources.

By creating a virtual super cluster, you’re unlocking the total cumulative pool of resources by allowing the workloads to move as they wish between the clusters when demand increases.  This approach delivers better performance and also much better use of the resources you have available to you.


Turbo Tuesday – Office Hours Technical Session Replay

We recently ran an office hours session to show how and why superclusters are an amazing capability.  You can catch the entire session here from our YouTube channel:


The examples we share in the session are real customer examples, like when a company combined all of their disparate clusters down to 5 super clusters and were able to reduce the peaks that were causing lots of performance issues. The end result was better performance by safely allowing VDI deployments and multiple server types to share the greater pool of resources. Plus, they freed up a significant number of servers which restarted a new datacenter build out that had been stalled because they had no resources.

We have loads of great examples of super clusters in production which have been a massive benefit. It also opens up the way you architect your future systems more of the datacenter designers of the world begin to leverage the elastic resource pool as a design pattern. It’s a beautiful thing we can achieve cloud economics right in your own datacenter!

Enjoy the video recap above and if you want to see more great resources like our Turbo Tuesday events and Turbonomic Labs open technology streaming events, head on over to https://turbonomic.com/labs/live to see the schedule of what’s coming up. You can also catch all of our replays on the Turbonomic YouTube channel so you can take in the content at your leisure.

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