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Unlocking the Highest Value of Cloud Optimization

Posted by Charles Crouchman on Jan 13, 2021 3:30:00 PM

The overwhelming complexity of multicloud has created well-known challenges for organizations as they implement new technologies. Despite these obstacles, the pressure to deliver seamless customer experiences has never been higher. And while assuring application performance is top of mind for all IT and business leaders, organizations don’t have an unlimited budget to do so. Application performance must be managed economically, which is why many organizations are looking to third-party platforms to assist them with managing trade-offs between performance, cost, and compliance.

Gartner published the report, “Solution Scorecard for Turbonomic Public Cloud Cost Optimization Tools" (ID G00736934 ), authored by Marco Meinardi and Brian Adler. This report enables customers to view a side-by-side comparison of different solutions measured against common criteria required for maximizing savings while minimizing performance risks. If you have a Gartner subscription, you can check the report out here, as Turbonomic is one of the vendors evaluated for both our Turbonomic Platform and ParkMyCloud solutions.

In the Public Cloud Cost Optimization market, there is a wide variety in the depth of each offering. It’s one thing to identify waste and show opportunities for cost optimization – but at this point in the market’s maturity, this functionality is considered table-stakes. We believe the higher value of a solution comes from its ability to extract high-quality data and insights, and then automate decisions. At the end of the day, a “recommendation” must be considered and executed by a human – which increases performance risks and decreases scalability.

 As stated in Gartner’s Solution Comparison, “Only full automation will allow you to achieve scale and maximize efficiency. Recommended actions can achieve maximum impact (hence, savings) if you execute them as soon as a recommendation is produced. Therefore, having the ‘human in the loop’ can slow you down and miss opportunities”.

When automation is embraced and customers take a full-stack, application-driven lens to resource management, they can enjoy the elasticity, agility, and speed that the cloud provides. Cost optimization simply becomes a side-effect of being able to align infrastructure supply to application demand, thereby assuring application performance in any multicloud environment.

Check out Gartner’s “Solution Scorecard for Turbonomic Public Cloud Cost Optimization Tools!*

*Please note that a Gartner subscription is required to view the document.

Works Referenced: Gartner “Solution Scorecard for Turbonomic Public Cloud Cost Optimization Tools,” Marco Meinardi and Brian Adler, 20 Dec 2020. ID G00736934


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