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Welcome to Turbonomic Data Cloud

Posted by Yash Shah on Oct 7, 2020 10:30:00 AM
Yash Shah

Delivering New Context and Adding New Dimensions to Turbonomic Application Resource Management

Turbonomic Data Cloud, the Performance Data Warehouse for AIOps, extends Turbonomic Application Resource Management (ARM) with historical reporting and analytics to assure continuous application performance in real time and over time.

This post outlines the problem our team set out to solve, the design principles we followed and why, the key features and value of Data Cloud, and how it truly complements Turbonomic ARM.

The Path to Automation
Gaining the business agility and efficiency that comes with more automated IT operations remains a key goal for many enterprises. So, many of them are still on their journeys to automation, but the roads they’re on have various paths. 

Why? The basic reason is that the tools and technologies for modern application hosting have seen tremendous advances. Things like cloud-native architectures, microservices, containers, and new topologies have created a new, and much more dynamic world. There’s not only way more volume, velocity, and diversity of data in this new world, it’s also a place where the lines between applications and infrastructure have been blurred.

These changes have made it very difficult to get a clear picture of what’s going on with application performance, and represent that in a model or dashboard. Instead, application teams still talk about software, infrastructure teams talk about devices, and the two sides have unproductive interactions.

Here at Turbonomic, we were keenly aware of this disconnect. We saw the resulting gap between what our customers needed to know about their modern apps, and what they actually knew. Importantly, we saw that technology advances were perpetuating silos within organizations instead of unifying teams. Teams had a perspective associated with their functional organization but no good way to understand peer organizations.

Extending a Core Design Principle
It was obvious that to close that gap, they needed new and better insight and analytics. They needed much more powerful and flexible ways to visualize and evaluate the performance of their modern applications and their infrastructure supply chains with a single source of truth.

We looked past data collection and focused on the fundamental needs of modern AIOps - flexible analytics in real time and over time.

Real-time analysis with context has been at the heart of Turbonomic since the inception of the company. Detailed knowledge of the relationships between applications and the infrastructure that applications depend on – as shown through the Turbonomic application supply chain – is core to the real-time analytics delivered by Turbonomic ARM.

But what if we could extend that context to both real time and over time, and enable our customers to flexibly interact with their historical application response time data, infrastructure resource consumption data, application supply chain data, along with Turbonomic prescribed action data?

From a design perspective, context is a multi-faceted, and multi-directional concept. Context is required to reliably capture, process, and represent not only what’s going on now with an application and its infrastructure, but what went on in the past. Only with that information can a system understand past application demand characteristics, infrastructure actions that were taken or not taken and the result of actions or non-actions, all of which serve to better understand how to prevent, learn from or pinpoint performance issues in a modern application infrastructure.

Beyond all that, the system would need the ultimate in scalability, flexibility, and speed. That was how Data Cloud came to be.

Turbonomic Data Cloud - Arm-in-Arm with Turbonomic ARM
With its analytics-first architecture, Data Cloud complements Turbonomic ARM by giving customers views of their applications and infrastructure that are unlike any they’ve had before. Data Cloud gives Turbonomic ARM customers the ability to see and evaluate their application supply chains from any direction: top-down, bottom-up, in real time and over time.

Data Cloud essentially acts as a time machine that IT teams can use to have data-informed conversations with their business-side colleagues. Leveraging the same common data-model as Turbonomic ARM, Data Cloud provides insight into application response time, resource utilization, and ARM performance actions at any point in time, enabling application and infrastructure teams to collaborate, analyze, plan and adapt to assure today’s modern application infrastructure.

In short, Turbonomic ARM delivers the real-time views, and Data Cloud provides ‘over time’ and ‘back-in-time’ views of performance data. The combination adds a new dimension to Turbonomic ARM's already powerful and compelling feature set.

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