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What It Means to be Part of Turbo Nation

Posted by Meghan Shipp on May 16, 2019 8:00:00 AM

For the second consecutive year, Turbonomic has been named to Inc. magazine’s Best Workplaces list, an annual ranking of private American companies that, according to Inc., “have created exceptional workplaces through vibrant cultures, deep employee engagement, and stellar benefits”. Thank you to all our employees for making this happen – you can check out the full press release here for more detail on the award.

A company’s culture is something to be celebrated – it’s the secret sauce that has the power to make or break an organization. We know that firms with healthy cultures are more likely to measure positively on a number of metrics, including higher productivity, lower turnover, customer satisfaction, and even share-price[1]. There is no denying the relationship between employee engagement and firm performance – in many cases, culture is a powerful mechanism to attract and retain top talent, giving companies a competitive edge.

According to Inc., the researchers compiling this year’s list found that the strongest engagement scores came from companies that prioritize the “human elements” of work. These companies were leading the way in terms of employee recognition, performance management, and diversity – a different playbook from a decade ago of free snacks and ping pong tables.

While culture can be tangible perks, like a fully-stocked snack closet, discounts on gym memberships, or unique team outings, it’s the intangible benefits that define culture. Being recognized for hard work by your team or the mentorship that’s provided by your role models – those are the lessons and moments that stick with you and help define – and guide – your career. Culture is the attitude that no job is too big or too small or knowing that your coworkers will offer their empathy and help when you’re feeling underwater. It’s being inspired by your peers and learning from them every single day.

Yes, Turbonomic is a software platform – one that we are very proud of that’s changing customers’ ability to automatically manage and optimize their IT resources anywhere. But, at its core, Turbonomic is its people – it’s our brilliant engineers (many with PhDs), our sales and post-sales teams that are determined to be a trusted advisor in helping their customers achieve the unimaginable, and our passionate leadership team that’s paving the way for our success.

We have a diverse team, spanning people from different backgrounds, talents, and strengths from all corners of the world – each bringing unique experiences and perspectives to how we work every day. What unifies us is our common set of beliefs, often centered around the power of our team and the power of platform. Belief systems form the framework for how we act, and what motivates us to become the best version of ourselves.

With this in mind, we created a video to celebrate what Turbo’s believe in, and why they believe in Turbonomic. Check it out below:



Add your fingerprint to our Turbo Tree by visiting our careers page here!


[1] If Culture Comes First, Performance Will Follow

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