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Turbonomic 6.3 Delivers New Top-Down Application-Driven Capabilities

Posted by Eric Wright on Feb 26, 2019 8:15:00 AM
Eric Wright
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We’re very excited to announce new, top-down application-driven capabilities that further empower customers to continuously manage and optimize their workloads in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. 


With our latest software platform release (v6.3), Turbonomic is helping customers assure application performance at the lowest cost while ensuring policy compliance. The following new and enhanced capabilities help customers who want to accelerate cloud and cloud-native adoption:

  • Intelligent Cloud Autoscaling: Enhanced continuous intelligent cloud autoscaling with availability-set awareness delivers customers consistent scaling while simultaneously assuring application performance and resilience in AWS and Azure environments. Applications managed by Turbonomic scale based on actual workload demand versus static thresholds that do not guarantee performance.
  • Reserved Instance (RI) Enhancements: New enhancements assure cloud workload performance while also maximizing both RI coverage and utilization. These new capabilities deliver the ability to accurately plan ahead to make accurate decisions as to which workloads should utilize reserved capacity, and when those RIs should be purchased in order to assure performance while minimizing public cloud spendri-expiry-aware-plan
  • Kubernetes: Enhanced Kubernetes integration enables customers to realize optimal performance and consolidation benefits of intelligent workload automation in their Kubernetes deployments. Turbonomic’s management of performance, compliance and cost tradeoffs are critical to achieving production-ready Kubernetes. New platform enhancements identify opportunities to consolidate Kubernetes workloads while continuing to assure performance and maintain compliance. This enhancement is part of the real-time optimization, as well as plan simulations.

Additionally, Turbonomic’s AI-powered platform bridges the application-to-infrastructure chasm. IDC has cited application performance and reliability as “critical for successful digital business operations.”

We’re proud to be playing a central role in making this possible through our application-aware decisions, which correlate infrastructure configuration to real-time application performance through alignment and integration with leading Application Performance Monitoring (APM) vendors – including Cisco AppDynamics. Our capabilities are delivering customers full stack, multidimensional visibility of an application-aware infrastructure.

We’ll be digging into these capabilities and more during the Accelerate and Optimize Your Hybrid and Public Cloud Adoption Strategy webinar, on March 13, 2019. Join us to see these new capabilities in action with both live demos and an interactive forum with Turbonomic experts.  


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