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Why Leading Organizations Manage Their AWS Estates with Turbonomic

Posted by Alex Hesterberg on Jun 3, 2019 9:15:00 AM

Staying Ahead of the Curve

It is no secret that it is a tumultuous time to be a large, established enterprise. The proliferation of low-cost computing, a more talented and distributed workforce and rapid technological change often driven by small upstarts demands an agile mentality. Leading companies, including the Fortune 500 firms, capitalize on their strengths and opportunities by leveraging longstanding operational excellence coupled with the latest technologies to transform their businesses.

AWS – The Platform of Choice

Amazon Web Services is a critical enabler of digital transformation through ubiquitous and full featured cloud computing charged per usage. Increasingly, organizations large and small have revolutionized the way they deliver world class applications and services by building their next generation applications on AWS. While the agility and elasticity of AWS provides limitless potential, enterprises must continuously balance being fiduciarily responsible, while guaranteeing a level of services to their millions of customers.

Forward thinking companies like Marriott, Gonzaga University, Stations Casinos and College of the Sequoias saw the opportunity to shift their staff resources to high value tasks by leveraging software where possible to improve cloud management and operations. They all sought out solutions that would help automate the operational components of assuring performance and enforcing compliance at the lowest possible cost in order to free up their most valuable assets, their people, to innovate and drive strategy.


For Marriott, the largest hotel brand on earth, the IT team needed to improve their visibility and accelerate migration to AWS. Turbonomic’s agentless platform automatically inventoried their entire estate in matter of hours, providing optimized migration plans to the team in that same time period. These plans enabled Marriott to accelerate their migration projects and ensure an optimal AWS environment from day one. Today, Marriott leverages Turbonomic in their AWS environment for real-time cloud application visibility via Turbonomic’s native integrations with AppDynamics and AWS. Marriott also leverages Turbonomic for cost visibility, resource optimization & Reserved Instance recommendations, ensuring their AWS deployment is always optimized. 

“Migrating to and building in public clouds like AWS present a new set of capacity planning concerns.  Unlike traditional capacity planning for on-prem infrastructure, where resource availability is the primary concern, cloud capacity planning shifts the focus to cost and elasticity.  Turbonomic provides an intuitive and efficient way to manage these concerns in the cloud.  Turbonomic has provided us visibility into cost saving opportunities like instance scaling and wasted storage as well as helping to shape our RI strategy for additional cost-savings.”  Tim Sweetz, IT Delivery, Marriott.

Gonzaga University

Gonzaga University, a private university with 7,500 students in Spokane, Washington, is leveraging Turbonomic across their hybrid cloud estate to assure application performance, optimize cost and leverage automation to elevate their IT operations. Turbonomic manages hundreds of virtual machines and instances automation decisions to drive better performance, assess which workloads should move to AWS and free up time for Gonzaga’s team to adopt more advanced AWS services.

“Turbonomic’s has enabled us to drive better efficiency on-premises but more importantly our hybrid environment is just happy. We no longer get alerts from our VMware any more. Leveraging Turbonomic’s automation has allowed us to shift our focus to our AWS deployment where Turbonomic is helping us to assess what we still have on-premises and manage our existing footprint ensuring that our instances will be accurately sized to assure performance and prevent overspend.” Chris Becker, Infrastructure Engineer, Gonzaga University

Station Casinos

Station Casinos owns and operates a number of casinos and hotels, serving as the premier provider of gaming and entertainment for residents of the Las Vegas metropolitan area. High availability and protection of sensitive client data are always of paramount importance, along with assuring a seamless customer experience which led Station Casinos to adopt AWS as part of its hybrid-cloud technology strategy. After evaluating a number of alternatives, Station Casinos selected Turbonomic as their application resource management platform, quickly and precisely mapping application demand to the proper cloud configurations.

“Time to value was a critical decision criterion for us, and we got the initial benefits from running Turbonomic on-premises and in our AWS environments very quickly. Turbonomic makes sure that applications are properly resourced over time by continuously analyzing our AWS and on-premise application workloads.” CJ Foster, CISO & VP of IT Infrastructure, Station Casinos


College of the Sequoias

College of the Sequoias is a two-year California community college offering educational and enrichment programs for the residents of its district in Tulare and Kings counties. Today, their IT team is utilizing Turbonomic’s Application Resource Management Platform to assure performance and eliminate wasted resources across their hybrid cloud environment. Specifically, for AWS, Turbonomic is accelerating their journey and adoption of AWS by eliminating application performance risks and idle resources in AWS, ensuring optimal configuration and a world class customer experience for their students and faculty.

“Turbonomic automation has been a god send since we have turned it on.” Stephen Meier, Infrastructure Manager, College of the Sequoias

Turbonomic Application Resource Management

Each of the three companies listed above embarked on three separate cloud initiative’s, but their journeys led them to Turbonomic. Why is it that more than 20% of the Fortune 500 partner with Turbonomic? Large organizations realize their business is dependent upon their applications. They often have dozens of tools monitoring and alerting portions of their infrastructure resource and have adopted Turbonomic as a single Application Resource Management platform that starts with the application and matches infrastructure supply to application demand in real-time. Turbonomic is unique in the industry: 

  1. Approach– Application driven, applying economic principles to manage IT resources
  2. Abstraction– Full stack abstraction of resources into a market supply chain
  3. Analytics– Advanced AI engine that determines what to do and when to do it with full automation capabilities 

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